Choose shoulder bag follow you stray End of the World

When tired of the immutable life, so he wanted to find the hearts of the desire of the challenge, and finally hesitated, hesitated uneasy began a journey, but in the end found that ordinary is the only answer, perhaps this is life. I just like you like him like wild grass wild flowers, nothing special, it is only shoulder bag has follow you stray End of the World.

1: wandering, boiling, where are you going? If there is a need to leave the reason, probably is the inner restless drive, how high-sounding. When the back of the MCM shoulder bag that moment, I feel like a call, blue and white striped MCM shoulder bag, irresistible want to start the sea.

2: every backpack is full of spirituality, it will guide you to the direction you want to go, this I never doubted. A person to shape a character, a character to determine a choice, the enthusiasm of the red filled with full of love for the journey, white peach heart and bear pattern embellishment as if to lead me to the fearless fairy tale.

3: wave of the magic of the point is that,, always maintain the vitality of youth. I have crossed the mountains and the sea, but also through the sea of ​​people, will lose all the direction of the time to find my first appearance, juvenile wonders of the realm of how longing, but also a lovely backpack for my memory.

4: cycling speeding is the hula hula time, it has carried us how many young and frivolous, and now all turned into a quiet wind. People can not be a lifetime into the same river twice, people can not walk in the same way twice, small fresh shoulder bag and mottled walls, met the same is my own.

5: that once had everything, but also blink of an eye like smoke, dreamlike, there is no conclusion. Can not extricate themselves, learn to put everything down, to no smoke of nature, accompanied by birds, sniffing flowers, in the grass more green to listen to the inner voice. The butterfly wings of the butterflies dance in the plain grassland, is really what is important.

6: the wind blowing, the road is still far away. In the days of making friends with backpacks, everything is so simple and beautiful. Frustrated, life seems to have no color. When walking, we seem to see more of unknown scenery. Has been on the road, so even if only the little red nebula backpack are so bright and moving.

The road to ordinary , I choose replica LV shoulder bags .

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