Choose appropriate own replica Louis Vuitton handbags

To know that Louis Vuitton not only use leather or other ordinary leather, but also more accustomed to using a painting, called Canvas’s precious canvas material, and then add a layer of waterproof PVC, this really makes its bag become long New, easy to wear. Of course, in addition to “durable”, to know that a hundred and fifty years of history of Louis Vuitton, the beginning of the monopoly of the royal family and aristocratic market, so that this is also the reason why the brand does not fall.

In 1888, Louis Vuitton replaced the original rice, brown stripes with a square pattern, and added a proprietary registered trademark, but after a while the counterfeit goods is still full of the world; so in the special significance of the year 1896 And LV letters, four flower-shaped, positive and negative diamond clever set out a new pattern, which is the famous Monogram origin. Monogram This pattern, in fact, by the nineteenth century popular Oriental art, as well as both decorative and practical effects of the Nabis school of influence. Four flower-shaped and positive and negative diamonds are the essence of both fusion. This classic pattern follows more than a hundred years, almost all LV lovers of the first entry product pattern series.

Although the LV bag to lead the fashion trend, but after all, we are in different shapes and disadvantages of the LV bag in front, or will be difficult, do not know what kind of style to choose more heart. In fact, as our product itself, if you can choose to their favorite and suitable, is a very good choice, then as LV handbags, so many fabrics and materials, what are the differences?

LV bag fabric is divided into Monogram canvas and leather style, Monogram canvas bag is more common, and leather material LV handbag is relatively big, is definitely a symbol of status, Is not the general money, if you want to shape a larger brand, such as filtering bag leather bag LV, such as alma bb, Speedy25 / 30, Capucines bb, LOCKIT handbags commonly used EPI, Monogram Empreinte, Taurillon, Monogram Vernis Such as leather, because the shape of the leather, whether from the color or from the pattern, can have more choices, if more inclined to like the texture and shape of the bag, then the stereotypes package is the best choice, because Package type can be more type, but also better shape a variety of shapes. If it is tend to bag the feel and gloss of the case, the first class of cowhide is the best, different types of this cowhide has its own characteristics of this fabric lines, this time in the purchase can pay more attention a bit.

No matter what, another point is that you like it and it is also suitable for you. Replica Louis Vuitton handbags can help you choose the appropriate handbags for yourself .

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