About Prada handbags

Prada can be said to be an old brand, and because Prada produced the pursuit of perfection, so young and old, Prada brand awareness is no less than any other brand. If you want to trace the history of Prada, it must start from the beginning of the twentieth century.

Italian people pay attention to family concept, fashion industry is no exception, Prada is one of them. Prada was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, because of the frequent commercial trade and transportation business, the founder MarioPrada began manufacturing a series of handmade leather products for travel, and in 1913 opened a Prada boutiques. 70 years, the fashion environment changes, Prada near the brink of bankruptcy, in 1978 MiucciaPrada and his husband PatrizioBertelli common take over Prada , led Prada to a new milestone.

Miuccia took over the occasion, Prada is still spread in Europe, from generation to generation of the family, if there is no innovation and breakthrough, it is easy to decline. Miuccia attempt to find new materials and different materials, after many attempts, from the Air Force parachute used in the material to find nylon fabric, light and durable as the foundation, “black nylon bag” a red! Prada until 1989 only The first autumn and winter clothing show, a trend of the design to win a lot of praise; 90 years, Prada name “LessisMore” slogan of minimalism came into being, and Prada simple, with a uniform aesthetic design just And the trend coincide. In 1993, Prada launched the autumn and winter men’s and men’s shoes series, a moment between men and women, accessories become the pursuit of popular simplicity and modern modern style; the late 90s, leisure sports fever, Prada launched PradaSport series, both Functional and popular design, resulting in a whirlwind.


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